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    Thumbs up >>> Master Chef India (Season 3) Review <<


    MasterChef celebrates people who make great food. It’s not just a TV show, but a cultural phenomenon that has transitioned the most mundane, everyday chore of cooking into a life changing experience. What was once treated as just a hobby for many and a career for few, is now being looked at as an art form that people are trying to master.
    In its 3rd season, MasterChef India will keep viewers glued at the edge of their seats by changing our perspective towards food. The chefs in every home are going to come out of their kitchens and bring with them the essence of local spices and recipes on our grand platform to win the coveted title of a MasterChef on India’s biggest food show.
    In our judges’ panel, along with Chef Kunal Kapoor and Vikas Khanna, we will also have the avant garde of Indian cuisine judging our contestants this season – Chef Sanjeev Kapoor! He is by far one of the biggest food icons in the country.
    True to its brand promise of Rishta Wahi Soch Nayi, Star Plus will bring the 3rd season of MasterChef India with a true desi tadka, desi swad. With elite panelists like Chef Kunal, Vikas and Sanjeev we are back once again to capture the hearts and souls of food lovers across the globe.


    Chef Vikas Khanna

    Spicing up the fun on the sets of MasterChef India 3, will be our world renowned chef, Vikas Khanna! The winner of Two Michelin Star awards, Vikas will share his experience on being one of the well renowned and enterprising chefs in the world, with the best amateur cooks in India, who will be competing to become India’s third MasterChef.

    Brought up in Amritsar, Chef Vikas Khanna was inspired by his grandmother’s culinary skills; it was with her that he began his lifelong apprenticeship in learning the intricacies of Indian cuisine. He started a catering business, Lawrence Gardens, when he was 17, and after graduation he went on to train under renowned chefs of Taj Group of Hotels, Oberoi, and Leela Group.

    Vikas made his move to the United States and worked with some of the most honoured chefs in America. He has hosted people like Richard Gere, Tyra Banks, Sir Salman Rushdie, Harrison Ford, Christina Hendrix, Martha Stewart and ace tennis player Andre Agassi at his world class Restaurant Junoon, which is written about widely by the New York press. The Cafe Rubin Museum of Himalayan Art with Vikas’s menu has been named the Best Asian restaurant in New York.

    Vikas has also authored several books including The Spice Story of India, Modern Indian Cooking, Flavours First, and his latest release My Great India; and his documentary “Holy Kitchen” has captured the imaginations of millions of people across the globe.

    In the past, he has cooked for galas and events honouring President Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Madonna and Mohammad Yunus, among others. In July 29, 2011, Vikas cooked a Saatvik meal for the Dharmic Seva Conference for Hindu American Seva Charities at the White House.

    Chef Kunal Kapoor

    The man widely known as ‘Next Big Guy in Kebabs & Curries in India’, Kunal Kapoor, will be adding new flavours to MasterChef India 3 as its host.

    With a degree from the Institute of Hotel Management Chandigarh, Kunal Kapoor started his career at the Taj group of hotels and spanned his culinary repertoire in Indian cuisine across banquet operations, theme dinners, outdoor catering, creative menus, and buffet set-up.

    The proud winner of a silver medal at Aahar and a bronze medal in HORECA, Kuwait, Kunal added yet another feather in his chef cap by winning “Sir Edmund Hillary fellowship” for doing exceptional work in field of food; he was also chosen as the Star Chef for Lufthansa airlines.

    Chef Kunal (Executive Sous Chef, Leela Kempinski, and Gurgaon) is recognised amongst the Best Chefs in India by National Weekly Magazine - India Today. He has also been adjudged as the “Gourmet Guru” by the Food & Nightlife Magazine, and has been invited as a special judge to host an episode of MasterChef America, alongside Legendry Chef Gordon Ramsay.

    He is also the proud chef of “DIYA” the speciality Indian restaurant, which rated amongst the top 5 Indian restaurants in Delhi and Delhi NCR. Chef Kunal also looks after the specialty menu for SPECTRA and Banquet operations.

    Chef Sanjeev Kapoor

    This year in MasterChef, Sanjeev joins Chef Vikas and Chef Kunal as they explore the amateur culinary experts from across the country to bring them to MasterChef India 3 as we once again explore the mastery of Indian cuisine.

    Sanjeev Kapoor is the most celebrated Indian chef; he is a food connoisseur, TV show host, author of many cookbooks, co-owner of a TV channel, and winner of several culinary awards.

    To encapsulate his achievements, he is by far one of India’s most recognizable chefs and is today considered to be a household name across India. He is a pioneer in the truest sense; and has played a massive role in popularizing simple and hearty cooking. His experiences as both a chef and an entrepreneur are the key reason behind his various successful ventures and he continues to be idolized by amateur cooks everywhere.

    He started his career in the India Tourism Development Corporation under their kitchen management scheme. After working in several hotels, he became the Executive Chef of the Centaur Hotel in Mumbai; and over the years, he became a household name to the millions of women in a country where cooking was a mundane activity.

    His TV show has been viewed in around 120 countries. He has won many Indian as well as international awards and accolades, including the Mercury Gold Award at Geneva, Switzerland by IFCA. Apart from this he is on the culinary panel of Singapore Airlines along with some of the best international chefs.

    In January 2011, he launched his own food channel. Through his experiences as hosting the longest running show on air for over 17 years, Sanjeev Kapoor became synonymous with fine Indian cooking, lending a helping hand to thousands of mothers as they honed their cooking skills in front of the TV set.

    MasterChef India 3 Auditions Promo

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    MASTERCHEF INDIA 3 kisi ko psand nahi kya



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