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    Default Mahadev takes the form of a small child, Batuk to control the temper of Mahakali in Life OK's Mahade

    It’s time for yet another Maha Episode of the popular Life OK show, Devon Ke Dev… Mahadev (Triangle Films Company) this Sunday (10 February 2013). So what’s in store for the viewers this weekend?

    Well, the major high point of the episode is that Mahadev takes the form of a small kid to lessen the temper of Parvati who has taken the form of Mahakali.

    Parvati (Sonarika Bhadoria) is very angry as Nahush and Ashok Sundari are attacked by a Rakshas. She takes the form of Kaali and her temper reaches big heights. And this is when Mahadev (Mohit Raina) takes the form of a small kid, the avatar of Batuk Shiv (Sadab Khan) to please Mahakali with his innocence and charm. As the small kid Batuk, Mahadev is successful in cooling down Kali, who in turn gets back to her Parvati roop.

    When contacted, Producer Nikhil Sinha said, “Yes, our maha episode this week will revolve around the story of Batuk Shiv. Batuk is child incarnation of Mahadev.”

    Watch this Maha episode this weekend.



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