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    Default Sakshi Tanwar and Ram Kapoor's "cute" camaraderie with Amrita aka Pihu of Bade Achhe

    Sakshi Tanwar (Priya in Sony TV’s Bade Achhe Lagte Hain) seems to bond with Amrita Mukherjee (Pihu) a lot. Between the two, it is all about love and affection.

    Sakshi gifted her cute little co-star a teddy bear on New Year. She regularly tells Amrita stories and also gives her motherly advice. Amrita told us that her “Sakshi Aunty also gives her fashion and style tips regularly”.

    Amrita told us, “She advises me to wear small earrings instead of big ones, to be neat and tidy, trim my nails, apply skin cream and wear no lipstick.”

    Though she has not too many scenes with Ram Kapoor (who plays Ram in the shiow); Amrita and Ram do have a jolly good time on the sets whenever they meet. Amrita shared, “He finds my new haircut very cool. He loves to click pictures of me. I have great fun playing hide and seek with him.”

    This small wonder of the small screen has been learning kathak since the last seven months. Her mother Mrinmoyee Mukherjee went on to state, “As we shoot just for three days a week nowadays it’s easy for my daughter to juggle shooting, school and dance classes. However I won’t allow her to do dance in reality shows as at this point of time it will be difficult for her to work on two shows simultaneously (along with Bade Acche). Currently my daughter has school for three hours daily. However when she is promoted to higher classes, her school hours will increase. Then she should concentrate solely on her studies. As long as her role in Bade Achhe Lagte Hain is on she will continue with the show.”

    Amrita’s father Amit Mukherjee is in the management consultant division of Mott Mac Donalds. Regarding her dad the child actor says, “My dad is very affectionate and gives me a kiss for performing well. However he is also strict whenever it’s necessary. For instance he is very firm that his juniors at work complete assignments within strict deadlines.”

    Amrita’s mother Mrinmoyee accompanies her to the sets and teaches her daily. Amrita says, “My mom is a great teacher.” Mrinmoyee who has both a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Engineering is an Assistant Professor in an engineering college. She is currently on a sabbatical and plans to rejoin work next year.

    Amrita unlike her onscreen persona Pihu doesn’t relish aloo parathas. She loves chicken biryani and kheer instead.

    Amrita like Pihu is also a talented artist. In fact, Pihu’s sketches which were shown on Bade Achhe Lagte Hain were drawn by Amrita herself. Amrita told us, “I draw with both crayons and colour pencils. I like to sketch gardens, flowers, animals and babies.”

    When asked about the most amusing moment while shooting for Bade Achhe, the little actor answered, “In the kidnapping scene I had to act frightened when in reality I wanted to laugh out loud. After all, my hairdresser Shom Dada with whom I am very friendly acted as the goon.”

    Amrita doesn’t dream of being a professional actress while growing up. She says, “I want to become a teacher when I grow up- actually a dance teacher.”

    All the best…Amrita!!!



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