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    Default exclusive: Vivian and Drashti enter into a massive fight; storm out of Madhubala's

    Hectic TV schedules can make one go bonkers and that is exactly what happened last night (31 March 2013) on the sets of Colors’ Madhubala (Nautanki Telefilms).

    This news is exclusive…

    Our sources have provided us with some super spicy dope from the sets of Madhubala.

    Here you go…

    Vivian and Drashti had to shoot for a scene wherein RK (Vivian) had to drag Madhu out of the chawl in a drunken state and she had to slap him.

    Tempers rose when the scene took an unexpected ugly turn. What followed… left the cast and crew in a state of utter shock.

    “While enacting the sequence, Vivian got so engrossed that he dragged Drashti very harshly, which upset the actress. And when the shot came wherein Drashti had to slap Vivian, she got back to him and slapped him really hard,” informed a source from the sets.

    Next…all hell broke loose and Vivian and Drashti were found fuming at each other.
    “They both stormed out of the sets in anger and the shooting hit an abrupt halt,” the source went on to inform.

    So how did the scenario get resolved?

    Well, producer Saurabh Tewari came in as the saviour.

    “He came in and cajoled them back to work. Thankfully, they behaved maturely and let things go. Shooting has resumed now,” said the same source.

    We called up Vivian but he chose not to comment.

    Producer Saurabh Tewary and Drashti Dhami remained out of reach.

    We will dig deep and get some more info soon!!!



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