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    Default More drama to unfold in Life OK's Ek Boond Ishq

    As we all know, veteran actor Vishwajeet Pradhan has been essaying the role of Kalavati (a shemale) on Life OK’s Ek Boond Ishq (BBC Worldwide). The production house is all set to bring a variation in his character sketch.

    As maintained by far, Tara (Chhavi Pandey) finally encountered Kalavati and was scared to see his (Kalavati) gaze fixed on her. Kalavati started following and teasing Tara in order to kill her. However, Tara ran for her life and managed to escape.

    The next sequence introduced kalavati as Rudra Pratap Singh aka tauji.

    Tara was again introduced to Kalavati as Rudra Pratap Singh and Tara in-turn was introduced by Thakur Jayraj Singh (Rakesh Kukreti) as the Badi Bahu of the house and Mrutyunjay’s wife.

    We updates our viewers as to what will Kalavati do next.

    Earlier, Kalavati had a clear thought about killing Tara.

    But now, Kalavati’s first priority is to find out if Tara has recognised him as Rudra Pratap Singh. If not, Kalavati would have some more time in hand to execute her plan of murdering Tara.

    Speaking on the same, Vishwajeet Pradhan said, “It is interesting to essay the role but I am taking a lot of time to dress up. Wonder how girls and women manage all of this. I would just like to say that as of now Kalavati’s stance depends upon Tara recognizes Kalavati as Tauji or not. I cannot divulge further information as audiences will lose interest in watching the episode.”

    Tara’s fate rests upon her proficiency in identifying Kalavati.

    Keep tuned in for more updates!!!



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