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    Default Star Plus' Mahabharat to see Yudhisthir's coronation

    Swastik Productions’ mythological saga on Star Plus Mahabharat will reach its first major pinnacle in terms of storytelling with the coronation of Yudhisthir (Rohit Bharadwaj) in 16 December 2013 episode.

    As seen in the previous episodes, Dhritarashtra (Anoop Singh Thakur) had tried to request Yudhisthir to back out from being crowned as the Prince. However, Arjun’s (Shaheer Sheikh) words make Dhritarashtra realize that he has to do the right thing as the King of Hastinapur. So he decides to crown Yudhisthir as the Yuvraj of Hastinapur. As the preparations for the Rajyabhishek would be on, Duryodhan (Arpit Ranka) will have other plans as he will come and interrupt the proceedings.

    In tonight’s episode, Duryodhan will have to face defeat with the crowning ceremony of Yudhisthir taking place. While Yudhisthir will assume that Duryodhan has accepted his defeat in a positive manner, the other Pandavas will refuse to believe that Duryodhan has changed.

    A fuming Duryodhan will once again show his true colors of getting to the throne of Hastinapur, but Gandhari (Riya Deepsi) will make her son understand the importance of following ‘Dharma’. While Bheeshm (Arav Chowdhury) will feel that he has fulfilled his responsibilities by crowning Yudhisthir as the Yuvraj, Ganga (Vivana Singh) will make him understand that the moment will come when he will himself feel the need to get released from duties.

    Has Yudhisthir managed to secure the throne of Hastinapur by being crowned Yuvraj? Or will Duryodhan come up with a plan to secure the throne?

    Get ready to watch the intense sequences in Mahabharat!!!



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