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    Default Star Plus' Mahabharat demystifies the 'Game of Dice'

    The shrewd game that ignited the war of the millennia…

    The Game of Dice is about to begin! The shrewd game that changed the destiny of India and became the premise of one of the world's greatest epics - The Mahabharata is about to unfold on Star Plus. The show that captured the hearts of viewers across the country is all set to showcase the infamous 'Game of Dice' between the Pandavas and Kauravas.

    This occurrence and most talked about turning point in the epic not only provided impetus to Draupadi's humiliation but ultimately led to the 18 day Kurukshetra war for the throne of Hastinapur. However little is known about the game, its players and bets at stake!

    Star Plus demystifies the Game of Dice - unraveling not only the rules that were laid but how the players were manipulated with words to get everything at stake. For the first time on Indian television, viewers will witness an elaborate Game of Dice' where the rules of the game will be set, one by one the play of emotions, cheating and manipulation that led to Draupadi's dishonor will unfold on your television screens. A fair player who gets entangled in the rules of game, an ace gambler with evil intentions and magical dice, a court full of royalty that witnessed the humiliation of a woman, inadvertently set the ground for the biggest war in the history of mankind!

    What were the rules of the game? What happens between Pandavas & Kauravas during the Game of Dice'? Did you know that Pandava's wealth and Indraprastha were not the only possessions at stake! What led Yudhistir to put his honor, his integrity and at last, his wife Draupadi at bet? Did Duryodhan put anything on stake at all?



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