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    Default Saath Saath Banayenge Ek Aashiyaan- 8th July 08 Written Update!!!

    The epi begins with Anjana watching tv and Vinay getting ready….Naina cums to Anjana asking if she wants sumthing from the market and Anjana tells her abt d Saregamapa show starting(Advertising shuru hogayi)….Rekha then cums in the room and asks Vinay and Naina to leave as she wants to talk to Anjana alone. Anjana then tells Rekha that d Challenge 2009 hasn’t even started and u look so tensed…Rekha then says she knows theres a good show starting but then tells her wat to do abt the problem that is cuming up.

    - She then tells Anjana that Ranbir has challenged her dat she cannot kick Liza out of the house…Anjana asks if he knows dat Rekha is behind all this but Rekha says no but he knows that Liza is the person to bring Lajjo-Uday closer….Anjana asks her wat will she do now…Rekha says she has a master plan in her mind dat will kick Liza out of this house forever and tells dat Abhay will help her in it, she says one day Abhay himself will throw Liza out of the house.(Man can this women give a rest to her evil mind...jab dekho shuru ho jhathi hai apne plans lekkar)

    - Lisa’s sitting alone in her room when Rama cums up and asks where is Abhay but Liza says she does not know where he is…Rama says she knows dat Abhay is still angry with Liza and she will try to talk to him but Liza says no and says dat if she talks to him den he will think dat Liza is complaining to Rama. Rama tries to explain but Liza says her not to talk to Abhay abt this and says that this is btw her and Abhay and she will try to solve it and make her relationship with Abhay as before.

    - Lajjo is fixing the vase when she takes out a rose and is lost in thoughts of Uday with Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam song playing in the bg(flashbacks are shown of d times dey spent together on their honeymoon)…Anjana suddenly looks at her and then tells Rekha not to look at the magazine but to look at Lajjo who is daydreaming. Rekha then tells Lajjo that nowdays she does have her mind on work and tells her to tell Naina to make her tea..Lajjo then says I’ll make it for u(y does she treat Lajjo as if she's athe maid of the house...she cannot even have the rights to think abt her hubby)…Just then the phone rings and Rekha picks it up, its Uday’s call and he asks for Lajjo, Rekha waits till Lajjo goes to the kitchen and then says to Uday dat Lajjo is very busy in the kitchen…he then tells her to tell Lajjo to call him and not to forget.

    - After keeping the phone Anjana asks Rekha wat happened and then she says dat u r going to deal with Abhay and Liza now so where does Lajjo and Uday cum from…Rekha then tells Anjana that ‘I’m not you and you r not me’…Anjana then says I didn’t get u( this girl can act so dumb sumtimes...i just love it....hehehe)…Rekha says I know how to handle both d cases with one shot and then calls her stupid and asks did she understand anything…Anjana then says yes she understood and says ‘u r absolutely right Mummyji’(again that dumb look...hehehe)…Rekha then laughs and says wat is rite me or u being stupid(this women knows how to joke around...dats a surprise)…Lajjo then cums with the tea and Anjana was abt tell her dat Uday asked Lajjo to call him but Rekha then diverts the topic and tells Lajjo that whenever u wish to talk to ur Mama and Mami then u can call them. Lajjo then tells to Rekha that she wants to call Uday but Rekha asks y and then she says dat Uday will return home after sumtime and he even has lots of work to do in office and tells her not to disturb him(this time i'm angry with Lajjo y did she have to say dat she wanted to call Uday...grrr).

    - Ranbir is talking to Uday when Lajjo cums to Rama…Rama takes Lajjo’s name and Uday hears it so he asks Ranbir is Lajjo there and he says yes she has cum rite now…Uday then goes quite and Ranbir understands and gives the phone to Lajjo to speak to Uday(Yay). Lajjo takes the phone and Uday tells her that u have become more busier than me, u don’t even remember to call me, meanwhile Rama tells Ranbir to cum outside with her, he asks y and she signal towards Lajjo and both Ranbir and Rama leave d room.

    - Uday then asks wat happened Lajjo y r u so quite and then she says that even I’m remembering u all the time(aww dats so sweet)…Uday then says but whenever I’m with u, u never tell me that…she then says I feel shy and Uday says ‘Oho is sharam ka kya kare?’(Oye hoye this scene was so adorable)….he then asks Lajjo to say sumthing truthfully and asks her if she loves him…she blushes…Uday tells her to say ‘I love you’ but she feels shy and says I have to go and he says ok if u have to go then go and keeps d phone and Lajjo is shocked…she keeps the phone and is abt to leave but cums back and calls Uday back and says she loves him a lot and Uday gives a cute smile(ohhh his smile was sooo cute)…she then cuts the phone and Uday says Lajwanti and then he also says ‘I love u Lajjo’ and kisses the phone.

    - Ranbir, Rama and Mummyji r in d hall room when Rekha cums and searches for Lajjo…she asks where is Lajjo and Rama says she is with Uday…Rekha says Uday came back…Rama then says that Uday called and so she’s talking with him(such a big nosey women).

    - Abhay cums and takes everyone’s blessings…Liza also cum behind him and asks Rama wat r dey eating and Rama tells her it ‘pakode’…Rekha tells her to serve Abhay…Liza offers the pakode to Abhay but he refuses and says I’ll take it myself, Liza looks hurt while Ya Rabba song plays in d bg….Abhay then coughs and Liza offers him water but he refuses it…Liza then starts crying and leaves from there…Rekha looks on happily.

    - Abhay cums in the room and scolds Liza dat y did she cry and cum like dat in front of everybody and says wat will they think(he's such a jerk)….Liza says u r thinking abt others and not abt me, she asks him dat wat is going on y is he not talking with her properly, Abhay says its nothing like dat…meanwhile Rama is outside their room…Liza then says y don’t u talk to me properly and asks him dat doesn’t he love her…Abhay says just forget it and tells Liza dat she is impossible and leaves(he's sooo mean).

    - In the garden Abhay is on the swing and Rama cums up to him and says him dat he and Liza have to solve this problem together but Abhay says no and says that Liza thinks dat Ranbir is wrong and he cannot believe dat she thinks like dat…Rama tries to explain that maybe Liza has a misunderstanding on this and says dat if he will not understand her then who will and tells him that this small problem can becum a gr8 fuss later, she tells him to explain Liza but he says she will never understand and then he says dat his dad thinks so much abt Liza and has accepted her in the family and Abhay knows how difficult it must have been for him dats y he respects his Dad more now(when u see ur Dad's true colours i'll see where ur respect goes...grrrr). He says after so much Liza didn’t give his Dad anything but insult. Rama still tries to explain him that he does not understand and shud try to solve the problem as soon as possible.

    - Meanwhile Liza cums down from her room….Abhay then tells Rama that yes he does not understand and says he sumtimes feels dat he has done wrong hurting his family like this and marrying Liza and says maybe its his mistake(uffff he's such a big jerk and very mean), Rama is shocked while Liza hears all this and is hurt.

    Precap- Liza is crying her eyes out and driving….she then does not see a person standing in front and accidently hits him
    Pyar Na Dil Se Hota Hai, Na Dimaag Se...
    Pyar To Ittefaq Se Hota Hai.
    Per Pyar Karke Pyar Hi Mile...
    Ye Ittefaq Kisi Kisi Ke Sath Hota Hai.



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